A decision at every moment

A decision at every moment

Many a times, we may catch ourselves complaining about the dulness of life, about the mundane routines we go through. But we don't seem to contemplate all the opportunities available to us in every moment of our life.

Every day, at every minute, we made a decision about what to do with that time; what to do in that minute. And the choices, the menu of things we can do, is almost endless. So, if our routine becomes mundane or the 'same old, same old' it is due to our own choices.

We happen to just choose the same things from our menu of choices, which is most of the time a choice to do nothing. A choice to spend the time browsing the internet or sitting in front of the TV mindlessly, aimlessly.

If we want meaning in our life, if we want a life less dull, we must make the decision to do something instead of nothing.

So I make a challenge: choose a new 'to-do' and do it consistently for the next month. The next time you have a decision to make, choose to do this new thing instead of letting the minutes tick by. For me, I will make a positive decision to exercise. For one month, until 19 September, I will exercise regularly.

Maybe by the end of it, it will become another of my 'routines' and then I can add a new thing in. So can you!

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