Experiences in another Island

Experiences in another Island

Early in 2011, I took my first flight out of this part of the world. Destination: Kauai, Hawaii! Hawaii - a magical land which I had only heard about and seen on movies! I was excited like a little girl going on her first airplane trip. And it was indeed an experience to cherish.

Kauai is one of the smaller islands of Hawaii. Needless to say, it is beautiful! The island is lush, green and surrounded by golden sandy beaches. Now when I think back to it, the most memorable and striking parts of the journey were:


Looking outside our window or balcony, we saw mountains, lush green grass and coconut trees swaying in the slight breeze. Having nothing pressing and urgent to do, being free of all obligations and care, I felt at ease and calm. Lying in bed and reading a book in the morning while watching the curtains flutter lightly in the cool wind coming in from the window, I felt the preciousness of the moment. This moment, I thought, is not going to return. It is so wonderful, such a gift to be able to experience life like this: without worries, without plans for the day, without pressing concerns and tasks. Just being there, enjoying life and all that surrounds us.

Coconut Trees 


Since I grew up in Fiji, where coconut trees abound, I always associate the presence of coconut trees to tropical islands. With the warm climate, sunny days and relaxing atmosphere found in the islands. And in Hawaii there were MANY coconut trees, everywhere! Strangely though, it was not easy to find an actually coconut for eating/drinking. We travelled far and wide (the entire island) looking for a place to buy coconuts as my boyfriend had never tasted fresh coconut before. We did finally find a place and had a nice refreshing coconut each :)

Grand Hyatt 

Magical, luxurious & a bit hard on the pocket. The Hyatt in Kauai was amazing. The reception was beautiful, looking out to the ocean and it had a little place with trees and parrots (and even a bunch of banana's hanging on a banana tree).

The hotel had a huge area surrounding it and we explored all of it - just like a little girl on a big exploration - we set off and walked around the whole place. We found right at the border of the Hyatt a place with hammocks but no people and there we lay our things and enjoyed a nice relaxing afternoon swinging gently in the hammocks with a book.

Golden Sand

The beaches in Kauai are just magical! Stretches and stretches of golden sand. The sound of waves gently (or sometimes not so gently) crashing and the clear air. We spent hours at a beach that I found particularly nice - there were no other tourists there and the golden sand stretched as far as the eye could see. There was a young boy on the rocks looking for crabs and I tried to do the same. I found many small crabs that were perfectly camouflaged in the sand; but I did not find any bigger crabs on the rocks. The beach was complimented by looming mountains in the background shrouded in misty white fog - completing the magical picture.


As weird as it may sound, Kauai has a rooster and chicken invasion! They are everywhere! Literally, in the middle of the streets, on the foot paths, in the forests, at the beach, outside the hotel, in town, outside shops. Everywhere you look there is a chicken, a rooster or even complete families - mummy chick, daddy rooster and lots of little fluffy chicks! It was a comic, and unexpected, sight.

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