An Introduction

An Introduction

I have thought of many topics with which to start this blog, many ideas for posts but it does not seem right to just start writing about something without first setting out an introduction. A view of not only what this blog is about, but a little bit about myself, a little bit about why I'm writing this blog and of course, what I hope to write about.

So here it is. An Introduction:

My name is Shalveena. I am a 25 year old woman and I've recently started practising law in the biggest city of a little country known as New Zealand. New Zealand, a country with its own little corner of the world - a corner which is better known for our bigger (and some say better) neighbour, Australia. I have lived in this corner of the world for all my life, surrounded by the endless Pacific and beautiful islands such as my home country - Fiji.

Recently, though, I took my first steps (flight) out of the Pacific, out of New Zealand's corner of the world, and into the world. What I saw made me realise that there are so many worlds surrounding us, so many worlds just outside our doorstep, yet we go about our lives without ever giving these worlds another thought. I saw ancient architecture, lost cultures, beautiful temples, historic monuments but most importantly I saw people. People all living their everyday lives, all in their own way, all in a world so different from mine - from what I had once thought of as normal.

It was amazing, and it made me realise that this world is so much more than we make of it, so much more than we can ever see or experience. I want to explore all these worlds, all these wonders that life offers us everyday, and I want to record it.

I wanted a space to write about the emotions and thoughts that my travels and life experiences bring up. Also, I believe that we are always changing, always growing, and I wanted a space where I can write about and explore what is important in life and my own path of self-discovery. I wanted to have this space so that my family (who are far away from me) can feel connected to me and so that someday my children can read it (if they want) and understand how their mother was when she was younger.

So here it is, a record of thoughts, experiences and explorations of the worlds that surround us.

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