A weekend of sunshine

Earlier this month, we siezed the opportunity to have a little trip to Cornwall Park, in Auckland Central.

It was turned out to be a beautiful Spring day, with sunshine and lots of people out and about, with their children and families.

Highlights of the day: We saw parrots! We spent quite some time observing the parrots and trying to spot them. We also saw lots of lambs with their mother sheep. They were so cute, white and fluffy. I did try to get close enough to a couple of them, to touch them, but alas I was not successful. The sheep were too smart to let a human come to close to them! We also got sunshine and Max tried to climb a tree (which we thought looked climbable).

Here are some pictures:

Working on my photography skills 🙂
Max striking a pose
This is what we saw from the spot we were sitting at (where we had our not-so-fabulous-coffee)
More practice of photography skills 🙂 These trees were so dark against the sun and blue sky, and with the light green treetops below them. The trees reminded me of some jungle; they were tall and almost looming in the background.
Max beginning to climb the tree…
This is as high as he went. The taller branches were looking a little bit dangerous from up there.
Can you spot him?
Spring is here!
The parrots!!! They were so colourful yet somehow still managed to camouflage themselves to make spotting them in the trees difficult!
Trying to spot the parrots
And the lambs!
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Fiji born New Zealand lawyer of Indian descent, now living in Australia. Amateur writer. Challenging outdated and unjust societal expectations.

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