Max turns 28

On 12 September 2012, Maxi turned 28 years young 🙂 I spent quite some time thinking about what to do  to celebrate it – it was not easy! Eventually, I decided that a dinner date at Orbit restaurant in the Sky Tower will be something worth the night – the restaurant spins slowly so you can see a beautiful bird’s eye view of Auckland city. Unfornunately, the dinner was not great, but it was all in all a good day.

We started it with Maxi getting his presents in bed, followed by the work-day, then a nice dinner date. Below are some pictures from the day!

German Beer! Max, very sleepy in the morning and with a big cup of coffee.
Birthday card
Max gets a new wardrobe – finally!
…and running clothes (‘I am an aeroplane’)
‘I think I can see our house – It’s maybe hmmm over there somewhere?’
Auckland Central – looks like a city from a computer game from this viewpoint!!
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