An Amazing Team

An Amazing Team

In today's world, we have a tendency to forget some of the wonders we have around us in our daily life. The things we are privileged to have, the opportunities and experiences that fill our days.

Lets take some time to remember all these wonders around us, to acknowledge the privileged life we have and the amazing people in our lives. One of the things we do most in our lives, and what often receives the least appreciation, is our job - be it as a teacher, chef, interior designer, doctor, lawyer, engineer or any other of the numerous tasks needed for our society to thrive and continue.

I work as a lawyer. Now, the first things that come up when we think of lawyers is stress, negativity, adversity, money, etc. I don't deny it, working in the legal field is stressful, and challenging. But it is filled with so many positives that many of us don't often see.

The work I get to do at my present job, and the level of involvement in the cases and independence given to us, is such an opportunity that not many young lawyers are presented with at this stage of their career. It offers opportunity to develop, to gain confidence in ourselves and our abilities, to be a part of something bigger. For that I am thankful.

I work in a boutique law firm in the heart of Auckland city. One of the best things of working here is we have no strict hierarchy that may be expected at law firms. This is reflected and enabled by our Principal, whose door is always open to us and who is always available to discuss any matter and offer guidance. The team at work is simply amazing - helpful, kind and free of any politics or competition. We share ideas and our individual strengths to obtain the best result we can for any case. In my time at work, I have come to think of my colleagues more as friends than simply people who work together during work hours.

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