Workout: Zuzka Light's ZWOD 1

by Shalveena Rohde,

This is my fitness journey. It is not always straight - that is to say it does not always follow a straight path - sometimes it goes one step forward then one step (sometimes two) back. Sometimes it goes in leaps and bounds but other times it twists around corners and tries to form a new path. But always, overall, it moves towards the end goal.

Last week, I tried to do yoga but, as mentioned in the last post, that was a step not entirely in the right direction. So, tis time for a change of direction. This week (and onwards), I want to do short, hard workouts instead.

On previous occassions, I have tried Zuzana Light's workouts and have greatly enjoyed them. So I'll be starting with her ZWOD exercises. Here is the first one:



I want to do this ZWOD every second day :)

Check out her YouTube channel:

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