Early start to New Year resolutions: Bring on 2013!

Early start to New Year resolutions: Bring on 2013!

During the last few days of the year, after the excitement and stress of Christmas, we often start to plan for the new year - a new year with new resolutions. I do this without fail, each year. Yet most of the time, for me, the resolutions don't manage to last past the first few weeks of the new year. What happens? Life comes in the way. Something unexpected happens. Or the drive simply fades.

That is why this year, I aim to try something different. Instead of taking steps towards my goals only when the year begins, I am going to start towards my goals for 2013 from this month. A challenge each month. Thirteen challenges for the thirteen months to achieve my goals for 2013!

I say, bring on 2013!!

For me, the challenges will be some of the things that I have struggled to try and achieve this past year. The usual suspects are yoga, meditation, exercises and especially waking up earlier each morning to start a morning practice/routine. Looking forward to each day with energy, motivation and kindness to both myself and others.

I have always been the weakest kid in the class - always the slowest runner, the quickest to get winded, the smallest and skinniest kid in the team. I want to change that. So this year my goals are linked to fitness, strength, endurance. By the end of the year, I want to: (a) be able to do push ups (b) keep up with Max in running.

First challenge for the first month: do yoga 5 days a week. It can be any 5 days, anytime of the day (but preferably in the mornings), anywhere and for any length of time.

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