Challenge: October 2012

Challenge: October 2012

Last month, I made a challenge to make a decision to actively do something. Instead of sitting down and watching TV, and thinking of all the things that we want to so ( or often saying we will do), we should take the chance available right at that moment to do something.

My personal challenge was to try to include some exercise into my daily life during September. I am happy to say that I did stick to the goal and stick it out. I tried to do a few sessions of yoga at home (still working on getting a daily practise started), I attended a hip hop dance class (which I didn't enjoy overly so did not return to it), and I enrolled in a Bollywood fitness class :-)

The fitness class was heaps of fun and I am looking forward to attending it again in October.

In addition to keeping up with whichever activity we started last month, which in my case is the fitness class, this month we will focus on a food related challenge. For me, that involves eating more fruits - one fruit a day sounds like a good place to start.

Good luck! PS, I will post another challenge next month and come back to see what progress we have made in our challenges so far - with the idea being that through these challenges we can make small changes which we can stick to and which will make a gradual and lasting change to our habits and lifestyle

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