Our Hindu Wedding - Day Two - Haldi on Groom's side

Our Hindu Wedding - Day Two - Haldi on Groom's side

My many thanks to my in-laws, who flew to Melbourne all the way from Germany for the wedding AND so readily accepted and agreed to take full part in the ceremonies.

Manni, Beeke, Leif and Ingrid arrived in Melbourne on Thursday night and first thing on Friday morning they took part in the Haldi ceremony. Thank you guys, you were all amazing :)

Early in the morning, mum prepared sweet rice and puri (small round things made of flour and deep fried) to take to the apartment where Max was staying. My brother was our delivery man/driver for this occasion and went with the priest to give the food and pooja items to Max and my in-laws.

The haldi ceremony took place in one corner of Max's apartment - they put plastic cover over the carpet so that the yellow tumeric paste does not get on it!

Here they are setting up:



Max, Geli and the priest then began the prayers:

Here is the priest explaining the rituals, I think


Sprinkling water over Max and Geli


The audience hehehe









Ingrid, putting tika on Max

And then comes the actual haldi - Max gets haldi paste put on him:






Max was lucky, he only had to go through the haldi once - I had to do it 7 times! More on that later though...

Last parts of the ceremony:



The happy groom, or rather, the happy yellow groom hehehe:

Although I was not there on the day, I am very happy to see these pictures, and to see the family full of smiles, love and warmth on this special day. That is what a wedding should be, small, intimate and filled with loved ones, family, love and laughter. Thank you all :)




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