Our Hindu Wedding: Last Haldi

On the night before the wedding day, we had the last haldi (or 2 maybe?) to do. Above is a picture of me, still in my yellow sari (with the haldi from the morning all wiped off haha). I came down to meet Manni and the rest of Maxi’s family, who had just arrived at our place. Unfortunately, I still smelt of haldi and spices haha.
Here is Geli, Torsten and the rest of the family looking around the backyard at the wedding set up:




In the meantime, earlier, me and Deepi spent some considerable time getting our little Sharlene ready for the night. Here is me getting Sharlene ready:




Deepi did Sharlene’s hair beautifully. I’m sure Sharlene enjoyed the night and some extra attention 🙂





Then the last haldi began – I was brought downstairs again, and the haldi ceremony started for the final time. This time around though the guests all dressed up and it was a delight to see – all colours and happiness. I was the most under-dressed person there!!!










Published by Shalveena Rohde

Fiji born New Zealand lawyer of Indian descent, now living in Australia. Amateur writer. Challenging outdated and unjust societal expectations.

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