The small wonders in life every day

The small wonders in life every day

I've been looking forward to watching the Germany v Ghana soccer game for some days now. Unfortunately, the soccer games seem to be at a time that we usually are either getting ready for work or already at the office working.

This time though, we had the rare chance to watch a game at 7 AM on Sunday morning. And Germany was playing! We heard that they had performed very well at their last game and as a new member of the Rohde family I was hyped up to watch my new national team play haha.

I also looked forward to having a nice time with my new husband, watching in bed with the heater on and breakfast. It turned out to be very enjoyable and we really got into cheering towards the end! Sadly, Germany did not win (the result was 2 - 2) but it was totally worth the effort waking up early on a Sunday :)

Here we are watching with our breakfast in bed (Manni gave us the German jersey so we were all dressed and in the spirit to cheer the team on from New Zealand):

When we woke up it was pitch dark outside but gradually the day began to get lighter until the day finally emerged


Later in the morning we went for a walk (its become a bit of a ritual to go on walks in the weekends) around the neighbourhood. It was such a beautiful morning; it had rained overnight and the flowers and leaves were all fresh with drops of water, while the sun was also shinning down.

These beauties are blossoming outside our front door in the garden.


You can see the lovely drops of water still clinging onto the flower in the early morning.

I spotted the following wonders on our path wandering through Mt Eden:

Such a cute idea! We sometimes see a group of parents and kids gathering near the streets for their walk to Mt Eden Normal Primary School. This must be what they are doing - a walking school bus stop!


I love the streets lined with old and majestic trees, and they have a special feel to them now in Autumn with no leaves. The street, scattered with leaves against the green grass of the sidewalk. Life is full of wonder, if only we would take the time to look.



This cute little house had a bright yellow door.


I couldn't help taking a close up of it.

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