My favourite, easy, go-to Dal

I read this article from Dr Michael Greger about the significantly lower rates of cancer in India as compared to the USA and was absolutely blown away. I mean, US men get 23 times more prostate cancer than men in India?! Whaaaat? Americans get between 8 and 14 times the rate of melanoma, 10 toContinue reading “My favourite, easy, go-to Dal”

Simple Dahl (Indian lentil soup)

Dahl and veggies with rice, ah, perfect dish for cold Winter nights. Aaaaaand, according to Dr Gregor, lentils beat other beans in their antioxidant content, and they are good for heart health and for fighting cancer. So, win for the lentils! This dish is easy to make and makes enough for yummy leftovers the nextContinue reading “Simple Dahl (Indian lentil soup)”

Ethiopian Christmas Feast

Christmas is a time of laughs and talks with full tummies and families sitting around a table. Usually, with lamb roast or other meat of choice. But, it is entirely possible to have a wonderful Christmas feast without meat. This year, we made an Ethiopian themed Christmas dinner. We cooked up Mesir Wot (red lentils cooked in berbereContinue reading “Ethiopian Christmas Feast”