My favourite, easy, go-to Dal

I read this article from Dr Michael Greger about the significantly lower rates of cancer in India as compared to the USA and was absolutely blown away. I mean, US men get 23 times more prostate cancer than men in India?! Whaaaat? Americans get between 8 and 14 times the rate of melanoma, 10 toContinue reading “My favourite, easy, go-to Dal”

Simple Dahl (Indian lentil soup)

Dahl and veggies with rice, ah, perfect dish for cold Winter nights. Aaaaaand, according to Dr Gregor, lentils beat other beans in their antioxidant content, and they are good for heart health and for fighting cancer. So, win for the lentils! This dish is easy to make and makes enough for yummy leftovers the nextContinue reading “Simple Dahl (Indian lentil soup)”

Delicious Vegan “Chicken” Curry

One of the very first dishes that I tried to make when I moved out of home was chicken curry. I’m an a BIG chicken curry FAN. Mmmmmm….the smell when it is cooking, the flavours, the gravy, ah, no words can describe or do it justice. You can imagine, then, how I missed having chickenContinue reading “Delicious Vegan “Chicken” Curry”

Indian-style Tomato Soup with Turmeric

Today was an unusually cold day for the Australian summer and, after going for a walk in the morning, I felt that particular feeling which announces the coming of the sore throat. Thankfully an Epiphany came to me presently: I need tomato soup. I have looked up tomato soups before since I thought it mightContinue reading “Indian-style Tomato Soup with Turmeric”