Vegan No-Caffeine Rich Tea (Teh Tarik)

One of my fondest memories from our visit to Honk Kong is discovering Teh Tarik for the first time. We just arrived after a long flight (as all flights going out from New Zealand are) and I happened to be a little bit tired and most likely caffeine deprived as well. The rich, strong teaContinue reading “Vegan No-Caffeine Rich Tea (Teh Tarik)”

Vegan Iced Coffee (Kind of Healthy)

The great blue skies brought a pleasant 42 degrees Celsius to Melbourne’s West today and everybody felt kind of … hot! Now my dear wife does not like cooled water, so our only sources of hydration are usually room-temperature warm filtered water or hot beverages. I decided that today we needed a real cold drink:Continue reading “Vegan Iced Coffee (Kind of Healthy)”