Our Parents in Us

We learn from and are shaped by our experiences, circumstances, our own innate nature, and the things we consume (for example, what we hear others say, what we see and hear on television and what we read about), amongst many other things. One of the greatest influences on who we become, I think, are ourContinue reading “Our Parents in Us”

What is in our Pantry?

Since we became vegan, I realise we have many, many more spices, herbs and oils in our pantry. Over time, it has also become more cluttered and dis-organised. It was time to overhaul it. A Summer clean (who says you need to do cleaning only in Spring right?). The “before” (we took all the thingsContinue reading “What is in our Pantry?”

Restaurant Review: Kampung Story Worst Meal Ever

  Today, we decided to go out for dinner as I wasn’t up to cooking at home. We recently moved to a new area and so were keen to try out some of the restaurants nearby to find some good options for eating out. We usually don’t like eating out at malls as the foodContinue reading “Restaurant Review: Kampung Story Worst Meal Ever”

Neighbours from around the World

Photo taken from Flickr: here Taking freshly cooked, home baked, goodies to neighbours. I thought that only happened in movies. But we decided to try it out in real-life. We baked coconut-lime muffins and went on a trip around the new neighbourhood to introduce ourselves.  What we found was interesting. It is one of theContinue reading “Neighbours from around the World”

Shanghai: Meeting of Worlds

China is with me every day. I work for a New Zealand law firm leading in the field of helping clients from China and Taiwan with cases in New Zealand. Our clients bring with them a little piece of their home, which I cherish immensely; by getting to know their family stories and business endeavours,Continue reading “Shanghai: Meeting of Worlds”

Enforcing Overseas Judgment in New Zealand

Disclaimer: The contents of this article are my musings and opinion. They do not constitute legal advice and are not meant to be acted upon as such. For legal advice please contact a lawyer. After years of litigation and court attendances you finally have a judgment in your favour. A definitive win, hooray! But theContinue reading “Enforcing Overseas Judgment in New Zealand”

The small wonders in life every day

I’ve been looking forward to watching the Germany v Ghana soccer game for some days now. Unfortunately, the soccer games seem to be at a time that we usually are either getting ready for work or already at the office working. This time though, we had the rare chance to watch a game at 7Continue reading “The small wonders in life every day”