My family and I started following a whole food plants-based (a.k.a. vegan) diet in September 2016. Since then, we are often asked about how it is to be vegan and what we eat.

Often, we get the impression that generally vegan food is supposed to be not very tasteful and that generally it is very hard to be vegan.

In our own experience, quite the contrary is true. We actually found it easy to become vegan. Certainly, it was much easier than giving up caffeine (which we did in 2015).

However, we found that often the quality of vegan recipes that are easily accessible on the Internet is quite mixed. There are some simple and delicious recipes around but there are also many quite … how should I put it … interesting-tasting creations out there.

We started this blog with the intention of creating a repository of easy-to-follow, amazing vegan recipes. So for anyone who wants to supplement their usual meals with vegan options or become fully vegan, it would be easy to find something to cook!

In all the recipes we post, we try to include the following wherever possible:

  • The difficulty level: absolute beginner, beginner and confident cook
  • The estimated costs of the meal. We provide the overall costs in USD but this is derived from local prices where we live (Melbourne, Australia)
  • The health rating of the meal in Dr. Greger Points
  • The approximate cooking time for trying the recipe a first time and how long it will take you once you are familiar with the dish.

Thank you for visiting this blog and if you find something useful, we will appreciate if you leave us a comment!

(The image shows from left to right: my husband, Max, myself, and my sister, Sharlene)

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