Journey back to our corner of the world: Phuket International Airport - Suvarnabhumi Airport - Auckland International Airport

Journey back to our corner of the world: Phuket International Airport - Suvarnabhumi Airport - Auckland International Airport

Our last morning in Phuket :(

We woke up early to pack and eat at the local street stall one last time:

Max's favourite



Super strong coffee - almost the Rohde family strength :)


Thai pancake!


Thai tea

After breakfast, we checked out and were on our way to Phuket airport via shuttle. The shuttle was empty save for me and Max and the driver talked all the way to the airport. He told us about his family - he has 3 kids - about how Thai prefer the rainy season as it is not so hot and they save the rain water for drinking and using in the hot season (they pay for government water but it gets more expensive during the hot season) - about how they find it too cold to ride a scooter at night during the rainy season. It made for an interesting conversation - especially given our language differences.

We arrived at Phuket airport around 10.40 am local time, Saturday 15 June 2013. As we were taking a domestic flight to Bangkok - this part of the airport was very small, and there was a huge crowd of Chinese from Hong Kong, who filled the single duty free shop there.

We tried a hot dog from Dairy Queen - seems the locals are big on sausages. It was okay-ish but not close to the yummy German sausages Max's friends barbequed during our visit to Hamburg.

Mission successful: we finally found the post office :)


The waiting area at Phuket airport


Chilly and cheese hot dogs



Flight from Phuket to Bangkok

Bangkok's Suvarnabhumi Airport, in contrast, is huge! With all kinds of shopping to be had - bags, cosmetics, clothes, watches, food. We spent some time having a look around - but our hand luggage was quite heavy so we eventually found a nice place to sit and waiting for boarding time. Not before having a nice coconut though - yummy!

Some of the longest names I have seen!



Waiting for my coconut snack


Max ordering the coconuts


Yummy! I shall miss you oh yummy coconuts - why don't you grow in Auckland too?


Tired after a lot of walking and flying - with another 10 hour flight time ahead of us. The coconut place had a bit of a smell (of fatty food) so we didn't linger there long - instead, we sat here while waiting for our boarding time.

Finally, after more than 12 hours, we're back in Auckland at 11.30 am, Sunday 16 June 2013. Rainy, cold, but our home :)

A warm cup of tea and warm shoes, sitting right next to the heater.


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