Tree Adventures Part 1

Some weeks ago, a friend mentioned that she was organising an outing to Tree Adventures – which she described as an adventure course.

After checking the website and asking around, I got pretty excited about it. I mean, seriously, a place set in the Woodhill Forest, among tall pine trees and a day that promises to involve climbing, flying foxes and general fun-ness, who wouldn’t be excited? And the additional plus – they catered for all levels!

All hyped up about it, I decided to run it past the work crew and see what happens. So I mentioned it to my colleagues and that was the start of the Tree Adventures hype around the office.

Everything was planned, tickets booked and liability waivers signed (yes, we lawyers signed away our legal rights against the Company). After much anticipation, the day was finally here!! And what a beautiful and fine day Auckland presented us with. Blue skies, fluffy white clouds, warm breezes – the whole summer deal.

So we all set off for Woodhill Forest (at various times early on the Saturday morning) and all eventually arrived at the destination. It was a pleasant drive and we were impressed by the new roads that had been built to connect to North West Auckland.

Our group age ranged from 9 years old to 62 years old, with all different ages and fitness levels in between. With this in mind (an my general fear of heights), we erred on the cautious sid and decided to try out the lower course option – called Monkey’N Around. As it turns out, these were in fact more particularly ‘kiddies’ courses, but we’ll skip over that minor detail.

Tree Adventures can be described as a confidence course. I must say, for me, it was exactly that – a confidence course. The courses looked so easy from the ground and the height seemed bearable when I was safely standing on the firm ground looking up. Its a whole different story, and view, from the top looking down!

View from the platform on the first course

We started with a practice course, where the instructor showed us the equipment, how to use it, the rules and general guidelines. Here are some pictures from the practice run:

Most of the courses started by climbing a ladder up a tree and onto a platform. From the platform, there are about 5 or 6 different obstacles that the climber has to go through and the last obstacle for each course is a flying fox, which brings the climber back down to the ground (the best part!!).
The obstacles involved walking across logs that were swinging from ropes, walking on ropes, and walking through nets and tunnels suspended in the air.

Here are some pictures of the various obstacles and courses:

This tunnel looks deceivingly easy but is scary when you’re in it & its swinging and the gap between the two tunnels seems so much larger

Max striking a pose 😛

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